Natalia Lafourcade: En Petite Comite & Sesiones

Natalia Lafourcade is En Petite Comite’s latest guest, we’ve enjoyed previous invitees like Juan Manuel Torreblanca and Jovenes y Sexys (that Javiera Mena cover was awesome). She’s only 5 days away from releasing Hu Hu Hu and based on the songs we’ve heard so far, everything is set for a masterwork, all of a sudden she went from an overhyped singer of cute songs with a couple of jaw-droping moments (“Saul” and “En Direccion Contraria”) to a fully defined artist many will try to ignore. “Azul” is so epic; I would lie if I said I expected something as magnificent from her, undeniably the best single of the year so far. Her session with En Petite Comite includes her two first singles, plus another track included her album titled “No Viniste”, which only adds to my excitement. And finally, a cover for The Beatles’s “Black Bird”, which Andrew had told us about in his SXSW coverage.

On the more commercial side, Natalia performs at Sesiones con Alejandro Franco, a popular music show that airs on Telehit. It's a longer set, with a full band supporting her, I would highlight "Tiempo al Viento" which has been around the web for months along with "Running too fast." Here is here entire performance (+ an interview) on this video playlist made up of 3 parts, just click next to go to the next one.

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