Yo Te Amo .... Con Todo Mi Corazon

It’s finals week for us, but while we continue the process of selecting additional writers, we’re overhyped to have Antonio Gallardo on board, he isn’t exactly a writer nor is he intended to review albums, but he is the visionary behind Yo Te Amo, a corner so simplistic and yet so epic that we had to attach it to our blog somehow. Consider Yo Te Amo as a space for ideas, images and music with absolutely no limitations; you’ll find everything from a Pedrito Fernandez video, a cumbia by Fito Olivares to Panda Bear. It’s been a while since we planned to invite Antonio to join us, who by the way is the one man behind Unsexxy and Maria y Jose, he shares our vision and that’s truly rare. I can’t seem to point to the exact reason I love Yo Te Amo so much, maybe because of its warmth or the fact that no matter how frustrating my day was, every time I visit that corner at Tumblr those words “Yo Te Amo … Con Todo Mi Corazon” are very smoothening, not that I’m lacking affection outside the virtual space, but it’s just plain nice to read that. It’s charming, it’s vivid, heck, we don’t even know how we’re connecting both projects, but music should be enough. Yo Te Amo, welcome to the club!