MP3: "Bigote", Turbopotamos

The new single by Libido leaked last month and I must say I’m profoundly disappointed, the kind of song you can almost tell they sharpen a bit too much to get it into radio. While I can’t deny they will continue to be Peru’s most valuable asset (you can’t ignore history or “tres”), it’s time to shift our way to the next big thing, they are already big in Peru, but los Turbopotamos are taking way too long to internationalize. We talk plenty about them only because they ought to have some love from these grounds. They have a new song and are glad to share it with us; “Bigote” will bring out the insecurities of all the guys who, unlike me, couldn’t grow a mustache in their teenage years and somehow got offended by it. It’s a song about lament, masculinity and first impressions.

♫♫♫ "Bigote"