"Vivire Para Ti", Los Amigos Invisibles ft. Natalia Lafourcade

While Andrew, Carlos and I fight over who gets to review Los Amigos Invisibles’ latest album Commercial (out May 26 in the states through Nacional), we’re going all gaga-gaga for their collaboration with Natalia Lafourcade in the song “Vivire Para Ti”. The track itself is a very traditional collaboration, but nonetheless it’s juicy and delicious moment in the already spicy career of Venezuela’s most representative act. As far as Natalia’s new album goes, we haven’t heard the finish product, but everything seems lined up for a masterwork of some kind, plus having Juan Son and Julieta Venegas in the credit doesn’t hurt. It’s exciting because in this first year of Club Fonograma we’ve never reviewed neither of the artists. Los Amigos is one of the most creative bands out there, like my fellow writers said, they ARE Latinoamerica. And the first single “Gracias” is awesome too, is the most truthful anthem for any guy with some truth on his mind. I found the song over at YouTube, stream it, believe me it's worth the time.