El Encanto de Once, Enviada

Independiente, Argentina
Rating: 59
By Carlos Reyes

Their MySpace says they sound like ACDC and Abba, and it’s brave they’re aiming towards iconic portraits to make a description of their music, they got it all wrong with the references since they sound nothing like either band although they do reach out for classicism and even practice it. Let me start by saying the vocalist sings with such romanticism that I felt seduced throughout the entire album, during every single spin I gave this album. These songs aren’t necessarily romantic, not even tender; singer Guadalupe Soria inputs sensuality to them, sometimes in cabaret moods like in “Amanerada” or in the deceptive vocal roughness of “Amiga.” So instead of sounding like Abba, the vocals at least don’t really get out of the Latin American song, which the general term/cliché dictates to be very passionate, engaging and if interpreted as a balladeer you might just win an award. Enviada works amazing with quick vigorous pieces like “Volveria a Hacerlo”, “Juego” and “Soy Jodida”, while it struggles to transmit softness in its quiet songs. “Vienes o te vas” is the clear standout, a big thank you there as it asks people to not let their problems be known, they’re infective, but the track is infectious and if taken proper care, could manage to sneak into popular radio.The album does struggle to be concise, it’s uneven and even though it’s way too long (15 tracks), it feels like they’re rushing through it. Now, why do I get the feeling they'll bitch-slap me with an upcoming great album? I hope they do.

♫♫♫ "Vienes o te vas"