Gorila Contra Bear Mixtape by El Guincho

Back in October of last year El Guincho made the Gorila Contra Bear mixtape (in honor of badass blog Gorilla vs Bear), with awesome songs by Yoruba Andabo, Trio Matamoros, Phyllis Dillon, The Congos, Fase Nuova, Extraperlo, Roberto Carlos among others. Thing is, El Guincho along with GvsB, imeem and Beggars made an actual mixtape and made 10 copies of it which they would give away to 10 people that would post the mixtape or embed it through their blog, MySpace or any other social network. You can see where this is going, I got one! THANKS.

Seriously, what a better way to make finals week seem nicer, these hours of studying are actually enjoyable, I don't mind that it took 7 months for it to get to me, after all, El Guincho made custom cover art for each one of the cassettes himself. In addition to the mixtape, I got a poster, a Palmitos Park 7'' vinyl, and the Alegranza CD. Anyway, just thought I would share it, I'm showing off probably but remember Alegranza! was my favorite album of 2008. Best of luck to all college kids with those exams, here is the mixtape again since it's helping me a lot, it's only 30 minutes long but you can always pop in his CD for more tropicalia extravaganza.