Favorite New Alternative Mexican Acts: Los Macuanos, Maria y Jose & Los Amparito

Los Macuanos
, Maria y Jose and Los Amparito have to be my favorite new alternative acts from Mexico, I'm loving this entrance into a naif fusion, very post Nortec-El Guincho-M.I.S.-Sr. Coconot, these three acts make our latest compilation Fonogramaticos Vol.3 very special. As far as I know, none of the acts have a label yet, nor have they released anything through a netlabel, but they're working on releasing their songs very soon. It's an exciting sound and they're building friendiship among the three and as we have seen before, that's the way to do it. The kind of stuff Mad Decent drools for. We didn't know much about Los Macuanos, so they're virtually new to us, but we're very familiar with the minds behind the other two projects. Maria y Jose is the second project of Unsexxy (Unsexy Nerd Ponies), and Los Amparito is the third project by pepepe, who explores similar grounds in his latest Poni Republic release Roba Orgon de Plantas y Animales. Make sure to download a mixtape Los Macuanos published through Brillo Monthly very recently, it's full of Cumbias!