El Nuevo Ruido Fronterizo keeps delivering the year's most exciting music

These guys keep exciting the heck out of me; I'm only starting to sound like a true fan because I am. The relationship built among Los Macuanos, María y José and Los Amparito is heading up to the complex grounds of musical brotherhood. Whether they might be able to break into radio is tough to say, I'm afraid people don't get just how well crafted their songs are. Honestly, I'm just waiting for them to release their songs properly, so far I've gotten a lot of equally enthusiastic reponses from friends, my collaborators and fellow music journalists (interestingly, all of them American). You can download three awesome tracks from a previous post here, and here is another three I can't stop playing on my iPod.

♫♫♫ “La Tierra Sagrada”, María y José
♫♫♫ “Corazón Corazón”, María y José (Los Amparito Remix)
♫♫♫ “El Ruidoson de la Culebra”, Fito Olivares (Los Macuanos Aguas! O te tronamos edit)