Since I have yet to find a great rock Mexican album this year, I’m Jumping from one MySpace to another to see if I catch something, it can be suffocating, but this practice has proven to work in discovering new bands worthy to write about. Yesterday I came across Mediocres, a band from Torreon, Coahuila. I can’t seem to point out exactly why they standout, there’s something mysterious about them, it might be that they sound like early Bloc Party or even Becker, one of Mexico’s most intriguing new bands and whose second LP should arrive in a few months. Mediocres have several songs available for download at LastFM, they’re calling it their EP, but I can’t tolerate LastFM’s player or having to download each individual track, putting them on a folder, and without artwork. While I wait for them to release their EP properly and make clear sense of it, I must say I’m loving their track “Una Tarde”, taste it!