Jovenes y Sexys on PanameriKa ...about them and Venezuela's indie scene

There’s an awesome talk with Jovenes y Sexys on Panamerika (recorded in Mexico) they talk about a lot of stuff including the whole indie bands writing in English discussion, they’re response is priceless and right on spot, is like they bitch-slap the sweeping purists. There’s some talk on their Tucanes de Tijuana cover for the Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack, which by the way is finally on my hands (thanks Nacional), but the greatest thing about this podcast is their chat on Venezuela’s indie scene. .. if there is one and such. Some might think we’re very centralized in Mexico’s and Spain’s scenes, but we do try to take make an effort to expand territory, we’ve known of very worthy discoveries through them, so it’s nice Venezuela isn’t as disregarded as say, Paraguay, Bolivia or the whole Central America. They played some awesome songs from some people we really admire like Domingo en Llamas, Ulises Hadjis, Nuuro and Todosantos, and introduce us to new ones like TLX or Elaine, this last band is especially orgasmic and I can’t wait for their first LP. And by the way, is there any legit reason why I didn’t know Los Amigos Invisibles have a single out? It’s the bomb!