Video: "Minutos de Aire", Quiero Club ft. Jorge Gonzalez

By now you’ve probably seen it since it’s been up on MySpace for two days, but the MySpace players for both video and audio suck. These guys are just too fun, and their third single “Minutos de Aire” doesn’t age a bit, with Jorge Gonzalez on board they continue their quest to explore Nueva America. The song is on our playlist by the way, it's my favorite track from their highly celebrated sophomore album.


  1. quiero club always makes everlasting jams.

  2. Hello Charlie
    Thank for the video. This song is beautiful and I don't forget it because when it i found my ♥ hehe.

    be carefull


  3. La cancion es genial y el video esta raro pero en la onda de ellos.

    Gracias por postear!