Fin, Bigott

Grabaciones en el Mar, Spain
Rating: 83
By Carlos Reyes

Somewhere in between the upfront vocal solidness of Beirut and the background textures of Iron and Wine, Bigott’s follow up to his remarkable What a lovely day today proves to be one of Spain’s most prolific artists and one of their best kept secrets. Although he alienates himself from the indiepop scene that invades that country (leaded by Guille Milkyway) and the edgier dramatic suburb (leaded by El Guincho), Bigott sounds more Spaniard than all of them, even singing in English. In full command of his folk, Bigott adds the strings of the Spanish guitar, brings roots from traditional music and as if it wasn’t fascinating enough, he brings that thespian pessimism making an album as if it really was his last one, it’s raw and deadly, and a victory too. From its creative album cover, where an open coffin embrace the joy of a couple surrounded by the most beautiful flowers, more vivid than ever, it’s a moment at the beach celebrating redemption. “Afrodita Carambolo” sparks the bittersweet festivity as a singed confession, not in a religious approach but a down-to-earth affirmation of his passion. “She’s my man” is a piece of absolute trust, and its condescending response “Trois Je t’aime” which is a moment of total demoralization. Things get more radical with “New York’s Eveille”, a fast tune among dark harmonies; it’s the one song that could break him into international proportions, close to the city vibe The National is known and celebrated for. Clarice Carnicer collaborates on almost the entire album, adding a dualistic feminine glare to Bigott’s stiffness. The highlights among these collaborations include the folksy “Walk the ufo” that tells his lover that she can’t support his fears, a ballad to shoot for the stars “The Party” and in “Algora Campeon”, the album’s shiniest piece. This piece gives me shivers, although it probably shouldn’t as it is a gigantic jaw-dropping song about inner war “play one more hit and dance with me." These are songs tough to sell, and as cheesy as it might sound, the feelings coming out of them are universal. 

♫♫♫ "Algora Campeon"