Want to get rich writing about the music you like? Join Us!

I went through my last 20 reviews to see how much desperate I really am to recruit at least another reviewer for the site. Here is the thing, I’m starting to sound repetitive and it’s tiring to see my name on all the reviews. My collaborators are awesome, but very busy guys, Jean-Stephane Beriot is currently in Argentina working with a superstar (sorry, can’t share too much about it), and Andrew Casillas is shaping his lawyer career (that should tell you). I’ve been jobless for a while, and still going to college somehow, so I’m the only one who can put some energy into this. So I’m looking for somebody out there who wants to join the club. Here it goes:

Want to get rich writing about the music you like?!!!!!!!!
If yes, stop reading.

Ok, let me explain. Yes, we do have ads but it’s not like I’m getting good money from them, just you get an idea, last week the ads revenue finally hit the $20.00 mark! So yeah, not even enough for hosting our domain. I’m totally treating myself with that money; I’ll discover McDonald’s value meal like never before. But enough with the cash, it’s never been a problem, just clearing it out for those that are interested in joining us. We need someone who knows how to review albums, or is in the process, we’re still learning ourselves. As far as this blog goes, we’re not really looking for news-related articles; it’s just not what we’re aiming for right now. Show some critical thinking; those classes need some use for sure. We’re picky by the way.

Five things that would get you out of our consideration right away.
1. If you like Mana
2. If you can't tell the difference between Tego Calderon and Daddy Yankee
3. If you think Latin Alternative is dead and you're stuck in some other time

Answer the following questions, Send an email to:

Your name:
About you:

1. Your favorite 10 albums of 2008 (must fit into the 'iberoamericano' tag: latin america + spain)

2. Your favorite Tego Calderon track
3. Why you don't like Mana
4. Name your 3 favorite latin indie labels
5. Do you like Belanova? Why or why not?
6. Your favorite Latin Alternative Album of all time.
7. Why you like Club Fonograma
8. Your favorite color. (Yes, it does matter)
9. Mediafire or Rapidshare?
10. Last 5 records you bought (doesn't matter what language)
11. Your favorite 3 latin albums of the year so far
12. Your favorite 3 'non-latin' albums of the year so far
13. Favorite 5 music review sites (do not say club fonograma)
14. Your favorite EP that has been released by a Net Label
14. Favorite 10 albums made in Latin America 2000-2009


  1. #8 brings up a funny thought...
    notice how a "Colorist" is an actual "color provider" rather than a "color hater"...

  2. Suerte con el Fonograma Army!!

    Yo siempre soñé con ser un miembro fonogramático pero también estoy con el tiempo en mi contra, y ojalá no perjudique las salidas de mi blog.

    Y si, cualquiera alterlatino reconoce la calidad de El Abayarde, Saludos!

  3. We're into colors if you can tell, haha, we believe in the whole color tells you more.

    Jose: saludos!

  4. Got 3 people interested so far, interesting enough, all from New York, thanks for sending your answers! guys , we're probably only gonna pick one person, hope to get more emails!

  5. hello charlie

    i like your questions is like a mixtape of topics latins.

    i would like to participate but my english is bad.

    i know a few of music.

    i hope you found the partener soon.

    be carefull


  6. Aprovecho la oportunidad para pedirle a tus lectores, que en ROCK EN LAS AMERICAS, buscamos personas que gusten de reseñar discos. Solo tienen que conocer lo básico del rock iberoaméricano (en su más amplia definición) y si no han oido algún disco en particular, estar dispuestos a hacerlo. Please email me: claxon46@gmail.com

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    I need your special point of view!!!

    Buena vibra para el equipo fonogramático!!


  8. thanks to all who have send us their response, tell more people about it!

    not that we haven't found somebody with our vibe, but we could use more than one guy... ;)