Featured: El Mejor de los Babuinos - "Me Voy de la Ciudad"

Featured: El Mejor de los Babuinos - "Me voy de la ciudad"
Unreleased, Mexico

Grayscale road music makes up for some of the most romantic music; running away or coming home serves as the perfect mediation and muscle of affectionate story telling. Monterrey-based El Mejor de los Babuinos mediates the curves of the road with clever, velvety composition. Carla Morrison has been pointing us to them for a while; she claims they sound like José José, we think they’re on a line between Fleet Foxes and Jumbo. But indeed, they carry the aesthetics of today’s ‘wooded’ pop with splashes of crooner nostalgia. The idea of the band initiated while lead singer Fere Gutierrez drove back home just after breaking up with his girlfriend, which explains the mournful feeling in their gorgeously painful songs.

The first chords in “Me voy de la ciudad” are simply the warm-up to many instrumental passages that add up to a stunning piece. “La carretera dice no mires atras”, the lyrics dictate the composition of the song; it sums up instruments and space as if they were picking up hitchhikers on every mile. When the percussion is fully exposed (in full panorama) during the second half of the song, it proves to be both, a nostalgic and triumphant piece. Vocally, El Mejor de los Babuinos also resemble to some light-norteño bands like Duelo and La Firma. They are currently working on their firs EP, to be released next year under the working title El Suelo Se Mueve Mas Rapido Que Mis Pies.