MP3: Rita Indiana (Casifull) - "El Foco"

MTV Tr3s has been rotating Rita Indiana’s “El Juidero” clip, her first step into mainstream media. Last week while watching the Latin Grammys we couldn't stop ourselves from picturing the Dominican sensation owning that giant platform, perhaps next year. If you’re still sleeping on this one, get to it already, it’s a masterpiece. You know we’re huge fans of her Casifull project, and here’s another track from that era. Let us first keep it clear, Casifull doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s perfectly ok to keep obsessing over it. “El Foco” is another blissful tune in the line of “Platanitos” and “La Sofi”, perhaps even catchier. Rita describes those times as “thrilling but crazy” moments in her life. Indeed, this track evokes rowdy, almost idiotic moods. It’s cerebral and explosive.

In this song, it’s also important to highlight the contribution of band members Elena Fernandez & Ricardo Fernandez, although Casifull was never a consolidated band, they were on board too. “El Foco” is a rarity (for the fans), but it’s also fantastic. We wonder how many other songs Casifull has been hiding from us, we’ll keep digging. “Prestame tu foco, yo lo necesito, que en mi casa se fue la luz.”

♫♫♫ "El Foco"