New Single: Disco Ruido - "Amorfos"

After the Disco Ruido made one of the blasting success of “Mrs. Love”, that epic-cool remix to She’s a Tease’s “Datos Intimos” and delivering one of the best revisions in the Caifanes-Jaguares tribute album (with “Matenme Porque Me Muero”), the band is ready to embark on their journey, officially. Releasing an album this late in the year is a risk to say the least, but judging from the success of their songs and their fast growing fanbase, their debut full-length Sistema Solar will not go unnoticed during the holiday season.

8106 explains this is a fully audiovisual (& conceptual) album, which includes having a music video for every piece of the record (seems like they'll keep the momentum all throughout 2011). First single “Amorfos” is climbing up at The Hype Machine’s list, not only is it an instant hit, it’s the kind of near-the-end of the year track that pretty much sums what 2010 sounded like. Mercedes’ in-depth vocals are top-notch and ultimately, the emotional tissue that gives shape to an aesthetically gorgeous song.

Another success for the Tape Music family, who have kept it nice & fresh all year long with Rey Pila, She's a Tease, Toy Selectah, Adanowsky, Neon Walrus, and others.