Video: Javiera Mena - "Hasta la Verdad"

About a month ago, Alex Anwandter told us he would meet with Javiera Mena to make music together, yes, very exciting. In the meantime, it seems like their pop sensibilities connected tremendously well since Anwandter (Odisea) shows up in the credits as the director of this nice glossy video. Reclueless has premiered the much-anticipated video for Javiera Mena’s “Hasta la Verdad”, the first single out of the mesmerizing Mena and one of the year’s hits. The video was shot in Chile prior to Javiera’s triumphant visit to Mexico, where she’s been touring nonstop for over a month. The clip might not do anything to legitimize Javiera Mena’s stance as a true diva (moustache doesn't count), but it does show a warrior of pop music encountering beautiful scenaries. Now, let's take it to the dancefloor for the next one, please, let it be "Luz de Piedra de Luna!"