MP3: Sokio + Dadalú - "Decidir"

After listening to Dadalú's Gracias Single/EP release I knew I needed to get my hands on more music by Sokio, whose remix of “Gracias” is alerting and spellbinding. I found some really cool upbeat remixes of Kanye West and Lilly Allen, which eventually leaded me to Columbia (Ponk, 2009), an attractive full-length reminiscent of New Order and The Human League. Exactly one year ago, he released “Decidir”, a top-notch, straight to the dancefloor collaboration with Dadalú.

The music base in this song is so clean and faultlessly polished, you’ll be seeing the light of the day even if you’re dancing to it ad midnight. Dadalú's unpredictable vocal styling is in full syndication with Sokio’s thumps and razor-blade supersonic composition. Both artists are currently working on new albums, Dadalu’s debut album Periodo will count as Michita Rex’s most important release of the year, that is, if it’s not pushed into next year. "Quiero morir en un lugar con libertad de elegir."