Video: Capullo - "La Conformidad"

Capullo is the one Mexican band not getting enough love from the big Mexican trendy blogs or indie-rock radio, but they’re getting plenty of worship outside Mexico. Particularly in Spain, where the indie kids are used to this kind of eternal-youth pop, but I bet it’s never been this juicy. Capullo released an impressive debut earlier this year (Informatica Romantica Para Avanzados) via The Poni Republic, surprising us with a more loopy-than-usual sound and leaving out some of their more organic pieces such as “Merequeteke” and “La Conformidad.” There’s nothing healthier in this age of mp3 abundance than looking for a balance of intensity. If like us, you spent your Halloween listening to punk, Capullo’s very sugary new video is the way to find equilibrium.

If you don’t have a budget for your video, find other ways to shape your narrative. I always say, if you’re not big on mise-en-scene, go shoot Supermarket hallways; they’re so perfectly organized, so colorful, consumerism relies on visual wisdom. Capullo plans to put out another release really soon, meanwhile, don’t forget to grab Emilio Jose’s cover of “Merequeteke” on our latest compilation.


  1. OMG Supermarket Sweep! I used to watch that show with my mom.

    <3 this vid

  2. Ge. Ni. US...

    you know, i sometimes deplored and bawled over our post-millenial, post-modern, post-50's-and-decades beyond-appropriation, post-refential, post-post-cereal, post-post-office, post-pop-culture, music and youth... whatever. I mean, I just read a review that says, "this perfectly captures the sound of west-brooklyn circa 2003..." to describe a low-fi 60's inspired surf-rock(what??!!). And this blog just sinks me further into the twilight zone by putting out an all cover compilation of hits dating back to the dark ages of March 2010. And (self-admittedly) Rita Indiana is now as iconic as Rita Hayworth, or Celia Cruz--

    (Deep Breath)

    Anyways... my point is: Capullo, and their shamelessly self-reflective songs like this one, merequeteque and noeconectao, have become something like a hipster prophet of DOOM. Except, you know, fun.

    btw. the cover by em-jo is priceless!! and this song felt like it was remixed by mariayjose (now, come to think of it, you guys should work your magic and team up capullo, mariayjose and lido!)

  3. Dude, the Los Espiritus-Capullo collab is already happening! Watch out for it in future volumes of Aprendiendo A Amar Con Los Espiritus.

  4. amo a esta banda, sus letras son mágicas!

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