Featured: quieroStar - "Efecto Espejo"

Featured: quieroStar - "Efecto Espejo"
Unreleased, Chile

Javiera Mena gave us a hint a few months ago about quieroStar, claiming it was a band that deserved our undivided attention. Indeed, this Chilean trio comprised by Sofia Oportot (“Chofi”), Raul (“Mr. Monster”) and Arturo (“DJ Exxtra Large”) know how to grab one’s attention. In a year in which we hear disco strings in every corner of the continent, this band adds some serious dense melody to the trend, achieving success in the best of Stereo Total or Fangoria’s Un Dia Cualquier En Volcano 3-volume series. It’s got that ‘sadness in the spotlight’ vibe that predominates global kitsch music.

“Efecto Espejo” is the first single out of their upcoming album Lo Hare Publico, which will be available for open download soon. The song is a tribute inside a tribute; it wears its influences with tremendous confidence, ignoring the fact that we’ve probably heard that song before in some way or another, but it’s that thrive for disco rapture what makes this song special. If we were to turn off the disco lights, we would found a warm, vulnerable sweet voice singing to a mirror, not for personal grooming but for self-reflective reason. "Tu imagen en mi, que me hace ver mas linda."


  1. this is a very powerfull dance music with a very authentic attitude this guys dont have any fear to make pop, no matter where we come from if we found us in a dancefloor..."