Nosotros Los Rockers. 10 Days After

It’s been 10 days since we released Nosotros Los Rockers and our blog’s stats already indicate it’s the most popular post in CF’s history. The response from both our readers and fellow media has been simply overwhelming. Compilation #10 has been featured in virtually every site on our bookmarks and some tracks are already playing on radio (including NPR’s AltLatino). Although it wasn’t our intention at all, everyone is highlighting it as a celebration of our own diversity, and a proof of music as cultural exchange. Once again, thanks to every band for taking the time and effort to make this happen, it’s the most loving thing anyone has ever done for our blog, which as you know, it’s a labor of love.

Our ‘home base’ Internet connection is very inefficient (+ Vimeo takes days to process videos), so we never got a chance to publish the two final bootleg clips we made to promote the album. Lido Pimienta’s awesome cover of “Platanitos” features footage from Juan Mora Catlet’s Erendira Ikiunari, and El Medio’s eccentric cover of “Tus Amigos” rounds up our visual fest with once again, Temporada de Patos by Fernando Eimbcke.

Thank you.