MP3: Emilio José - "Ipanema 6 20"

While Emilio José spends his afternoons trying to bring Caprica back to the Syfy channel, he is also making history. According to the premise of her latest song “Ipanema 6 20”, our pop hero is said to have made the first pop song recorded on a phonographic cylinder. We’re clearly not the most adequate guys to tell you about music archive or give you lecture on sound and its history; but we can tell you this song is a mesmerizing exercise accomplished through both, primitive and 2010 recording practices. This track brings up a debate on the purpose and functionality of a song; it’s intriguing to study the structure of the recording, its physicality (or digitality), if it’s more than just mp3 file, or the overall experience of recording with such extraordinary methods.

Read a deeper and far better description of “Ipanema 6 20” at SINSALaudio, the project responsible for this very cool piece. It might just be us, but it actually sounds like one of the new songs by Kanye, except we all know Emilio is anything but heartless. The song is not even 2 minutes long, yet we’re confident to call it Emilio’s most ‘pop’ moment yet. As you might remember, his debut album Chorando Aprendese was our #1 album of the year in 2009; we can’t wait for the next one.