MP3: Nitoniko - "Los chicos de ahora"

While listening to the latest album by Belanova, I remembered about a nice little jam released early this year, Nitoniko’s “Los Chicos de Ahora.” Barcelona’s Nitoniko is a ‘hate it or love it’ artist, this song will tell you why. Sometimes I miss this kind of harmless, gullible pop with uncomplicated narratives and basic resonance. For those of us drawn to anthems and aspiring anthems this song can be quite addictive, but know it’s as easy to like as it is to get tired of it. At the end, it’s the song’s own provisional essence of ‘the modern kids’ what takes it out of the ordinary, “Lo haremos al modo de los chicos de ahora, a ver si funciona.” You can download Nitoniko’s full-length album Selva de Mar free of charge at bandcamp.

♫♫♫ "Los Chicos de Ahora"