New Single: Miranda! - "Ritmo & Decepción"

Argentina’s most beloved pop band is an institution of fearless transmittable Pop, without a single bad album under their arms; they’re set to release their new baby (produced by Cachorro Lopez) early in 2011. Alert listeners know they’re way more than just a singles-band. Leader Ale Sergi is a peculiar avant-pop virtuoso with the skills to make complex ‘on-the-run’ epics seem effortless. Their new single “Ritmo y decepción” is possessed by some crazy electro-glam lilts. Like some of their greatest singles, it is dance-induced and party-preoccupied. Miranda!’s melodramatic lyrics triumphs once again, here they lament on life's contradictions "los malos sentimientos se confunden con el beat", highlighting the disappointment of downloading a bugged album, their solution? “bailar con ritmo y decepción.”