Video: Hello Seahorse! - “Un Año Quebrado”

The overall response to Hello Seahorse!’s third LP Lejos. No Tan Lejos has been a bit lukewarm, but let’s remember they took major risks and shifts many bands don’t ever attempt to get near in a lifetime. If there’s a song that can actually bring a full ensemble response from the audience is “Un Año Quebrado”, which only becomes more gorgeous with every spin, “it’s the one point in the album where all the melodious rumbling is given actual form.” The band has released a thrilling video directed by Diego Martinez Ulanosky, who also directed “Criminal.” hard to describe, it’s ghostly and religious, a one-man’s journey to a frightening discovery, -spoiler- he’s dead. LoBlondo looks stunning as usual, and those bird-nesting screams at the end still give me goosebumps.