MP3: The Calefons - "Boochies" (feat. Dani Umpi and Bebe&Pichon) + "Sentimental Whoopie Mood"

Get three or more cumbia-loving chicks in a room and you pretty much have made your weekend fantasy into a reality. That’s pretty much what’s put into record with Argentina’s all-girl band The Calefons. They became a sort of MySpace sensation back on the day when MySpace was the ideal source for media (it’s still great for music). This is the kind of band that has no problem filling up any gig venue in Buenos Aires, their contagious funky cumbias melt in the dancefloor, along with body fluids. We’re actually years late with this one, the trio has been around for years, but it seems like they have yet to transcend outside South America. They released Lápiz Japonés in 2007, a great pop record less tropi-punky than Kumbia Queers, but more aggressive than Los Labios.

We came across “Boochies” by accident, and we’re obsessed with it. This random 'discovery' also translates into the song, it’s all over the place; it’s a mix of cumbia, reggaeton, musica andina, funk, hip hop, boleros and a spice of Asian. The song is a collaboration with the eccentric Dani Umpi and Bebe&Pichon, both from Uruguay. It's so outrageous we forgot to ask them about the meaning of “Boochies” (Snoochie Boochies?), but whatever they’re singing about, we’re in. We’re also attaching an extra song (in English) titled “Sentimental Whoopie Mood”, which sounds like The Ting Tings on crack. The Calefons are finishing up a brand new EP to be released next month.