MP3: Cadáver Exquisito - “Canción Cuatro”

It’s no secret Club Fonograma is a bit too wedged among the ‘scenes’ of Chile, Mexico and Spain, but trust us, it’s not intentional. I guess we just have better channels (and contacts) in those three very healthy industries. Although we are a ‘Latin Pop’ music blog, we never want to force ourselves to include music from every corner of Iberoamerica; good music is not about representation. But before I go on with more CF dilemmas, let’s get to the reason behind this explanation. If memory doesn’t fail us, this is first time in our blog’s history we post a song from Ecuador.

Cadáver Exquisito is a band we first encountered in one of our call-for-entries of Fonogramaticos, they didn’t make it to the actual compilation but as you can see, they’re quite memorable. “Canción Cuatro” is particularly catchy; it’s a good blend of precise story telling and attractive hooks, unflinching of becoming a teen pop-rock song along the way. In fact, what makes this song so memorable is its shameless acquisition of the pop-rock genre. Definitely for those cool people who can appreciate a good song by Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco (“with a sense of poise & rationality”).