Video: Davila 666 - "Patitas"

True story. I once decapitated a full nest of hairless baby mice at a farm in Mexico, with a machete. Not sure why I’m telling you this (with this much detail... I left a mess) except that Davila 666’s latest video is the perfect soundtrack to that enraged moment in my childhood (peta, don’t you judge me, I felt threatened). But enough of me, Puerto Rico’s coolest punk band is one of the first names confirmed for SXSW 2011, it’s looking hot. “Patitas” is fantastic, the kind of song that self-implants into your head, it literally crawls into your system. The magnetizing video is crowded by hypnotic movement and sutured motifs, keeping a fresh youth vibe to it; less distorted than “No Hope Kids” (Wavves) and more organic than “Fin de Transmision” (Vicente Gayo). “Patitas” is a short anthem on the little things that bother us; it’s also an extremely great pop-sucker jam for the end of the year madness.