Video: Niña Dioz - “Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha”

Niña Dioz’s debut full-length album La Nueva Escuela is still packed somewhere, but we can wait as long as she keeps delivering great tracks like “Frepo Minimal Man!” and her newest track “Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha.” This song is to be included in Niña’s upcoming El Mixtape II, which features collaborations from Plastilina Mosh and Bomba Estereo’s Liliana Saumet. We don’t know about you, but it’s smelling like a hit, it could very well give Maluca’s China Food a run for its money as this year’s must-have mixtape. We love the informality of this song, it’s copy-and-paste done right. The lyrics keep The Knife’s “Hearbeats” edge, on that “mind is a razorblade” premise that it’s in itself, like those great egocentric epic hip hop anthems.