Stream: Las Acevedo - "El Reloj de Arena"

Las Acevedo have spread their charming music throughout the Dominican Republic, quickly becoming ‘the’ band to follow. They’re quickly extending their fresh, quirky and warm-hearted songs outside the island, getting particular attention in Mexico, Spain, Japan and the states. The extremely young duo is still developing a sound; we’re witnessing their creative process from scratch. Their brand new song “Reloj de Arena” is promising to say the least. Without making too many steps at once, they have found a way to shape a good adolescent picnic-pop song with lyrics and instruments they feel very comfortable with. “Reloj de Arena” will be included in the duo’s debut EP The Weather Smells Like Organges, to be released next month. The EP will also include the ClubFonograma-approved “Chaka Chaka” and title track.