New Single: La Casa Azul - "Todas Tus Amigas"

Elefant Records made a bunch of disco lovers happy with the announcement of La Casa Azul’s new single "Todas Tus Amigas," out just a couple of hours ago, people, it’s HOT! Guille Milkyway is a pop prodigy, the foundation and the reference for some of our favorite music in the last 10 years. After the majestic La Revolucion Sexual (Elefant, 2007), Milkyway will own the forthcoming year with his new album/adventure La Polinesia Meridional.
If we’ve learn something over the years is that La Casa Azul might be the most reliable band around, not every song they drop is a landmark, but they’ll get your day going at a dazzling swiftness. “Todas Tus Amigas” is bright and tropical-induced, yet throbbing all around, like a Sex & The City episoide on the beach, a party of its own. “Ya no pueden disimular, ya no pueden tener el sol, ellas sufren mucho más que tú y te engañan.”

The single release also includes La Casa Azul’s cover of Carlos Berlanga’s “Vacaciones”, included in the recently released tribute album Viaje Satelite Alrededor de Carlos Berlanga. Elefant might be the least-friendly label when it comes to embed-able content, but you can stream the awesome single + bside HERE.