Featured: Hey Chica! - "Adiós Noviembre"

Featured: Hey Chica! - “Adiós Noviembre”
Lo Que Nadie Ve, México

They got one of the coolest band names on earth and they’re finally justifying the exclamation point at the end of it. Hey Chica! had a good fair amount of buzz with their debut EP Do You Really Belive? (Happy Garlic-The Poni Republic, 2008), a set of harmless songs with enough charm to defend its naïve mystique. Like many young bands from our region, the English-language lyrics were off-putting, but there was something beyond their speech to appreciate, some good old power-pop. They self-describe as a confrontation between the sweet voices & chords of ‘the girls’ (Kiwi, Jeka) and the punk-garage rhythms of ‘the guys’ (Barona, Baqui). The perfect balance to deliver songs with a galvanizing delicacy.

The Guadalajara-based quartet prospects their self-released debut LP early next year, titled Lo Que Nadie Ve. They’ve put out their new single “Adiós Noviembre” just in time to farewell the eleventh month of the year. It only takes a single spin to know this is their most accomplished number yet; an important step in their quest for harmony, along with the warmth of its lyrics: “épocas de nublina escuchando esa canción.” Hey Chica! has polished a beautiful pictorial song for featherweight dreamers.