MP3: DJ Golonsh - "Bruneta"

Two weeks before Girl Talk released All Day, we were already enjoying a set of mashup extravaganza through DJ Golonsh’s D.D.A. Bears! Finally a mashup album from our region that's not cumbia-induced. We’re not sure how ‘secret’ this is, or if he’s attempting a ‘hidden author’ profile on this one, but know this is one of the many projects by Monterrey’s talented producer ‘Bul.’ Like many of his 'mash-the-world' peers, his at the core of a neon-lit culture approaching supreme collision.

DJ Golonosh’s sophomore LP is a party-ready blast; mixing some of the year’s hits (Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga), some earlier works (Madonna, Michael Jackson, the 90s), and some Latin acts (Quiero Club, Molotov, Calle 13, El Gran Silencio). Although not as interesting as Girl Talk itself or El Sueño de la Casa Propia, “Bruneta” shows this is way more than just a “see how many songs you can spot” kind of mix. D.D.A. Bears! (20 tracks) is available for free download over at La Musica Es Gratis (Delhotel Record’s free music database).