MP3: Neon Walrus - "Símbolos"

Mexico City’s Neon Walrus tackle a war on imagery in their latest single “Símbolos”, also a step away from the fluorescent pop presented in their self-titled debut. Neon Walrus sounds darker, in fact, more like an actual rock band. The band known for their wavy electrorock and cool songs such as “John Solo” and “Mil Memorias” get serious on their latest song, the first cut from their soon-to-be-released sophomore EP Épico. “Símbolos” is on the surface, a nice play on the context of symbols around us; their role in politics, marketing, and their character as means of association. The duo comprised by Mateo González (Bufi) and Francisco Martínez go even deeper, making a commentary on Mexico’s drug cartel war as part of symbolism, “5 heads without their bodies, rolled alone on a port, they carried a message, the response to the last attack.”