Mp3: Pau y Amigos - "El Bar de Peter Pan" + "Rollercoaster"

As we get closer to the end of the year, the anthems of the year reveal themselves naturally. “Fiesta Permanente” by Pau y Amigos is one of those few true pop anthems we’ve heard this year, the ultimate fantasy of an eternal fête framed by disco strings. When we first featured “Fiesta Permanente”, the guys from Balun seemed explicit on how much they loved it, commenting on how it reminded them of Rephlex’s Braindance compilations and saying it had a Morgan Geist vibe. As you know, they fully embraced the song making a fantastic cover for Fonogramaticos Vol.10.

Pau y Amigos just unveiled their latest single, “El Bar de Peter Pan”, the title track of what will become the first album in their very promising career. This new single is nowhere near the catchiness or complexity of “Fiesta Permanente”, but it’s another trip you won’t want to miss. “El Bar de Peter Pan” blurs the lines between the magic of Disney and a bar as intense as a marathon. This single release also features a bside, “Rollercoaster”, which continues with the adventureland synopsis that’s starting to be very identifiable in Pau y Amigos. The Mexico-city band will be releasing their album early next year through Discos Tormento.