Video: Narwhal - "Whirling Ceremony"

The official description of this video reads as follows:

“In quantum theory, certain physical systems can become 'entangled,' meaning that their states are directly related to the state of another object somewhere else. When one object is measured, and the Schroedinger wavefunction collapses into a single state, the other object collapses into its corresponding matter how far away the objects are.”

Now, I don’t know what any of that means because the only science classes I took in college were Intro to the Solar System and Astrobiology (i.e. science for kids who don't do science), but I always love it when musicians reveal their inner nerd. In this case it isn’t too much of a revelation, given that the band is named after the unicorn of the sea. Barcelona-based Narwhal is Cristian Subirá (also known as Summer Recreation Camp, a part of El Guincho’s former band, Coconot, and founder of Discos Compulsivos/Luv Luv CDR-tape label) and Simon Williams (also known as Jahbitat/Sunny Graves/Pirámide and a part of Cristian Vogel's Night of the Brain). They make music that’s an amalgam of myriad styles from ambient to noise and psych pop that comes together to sound aquatic and celestial at the same time, like some sort of deep-sea solar system.