Emilio José meets La Lupe

Emilio José is one strange dude. If you've seen clips from his concerts, you probably know what I"m talking about. According to Javiera Mena, he got naked (or almost got naked) during a performance last year, and she remembers it. But that isn't completely strange in rockstars. How about this: sometimes he's playing a song and right in the middle of it, he stops to describe it, or even say "excuse me, this is how it's supposed to sound." So it's not a big surprise that when the guys from Waaau.tv invited him to perform a cover on video, he came up with something a bit different (truly the most unsuspected 'version' of a song we've seen in a while). He pays homage in a weird, yet sublime way to the great La Lupe and her song "No Te Vayas." The result is a sort of epic visual piece of "art at the corner", it's raw and it's tragic.


  1. Can't be a La Lupe homage without speaking in tongues and caracoles.

  2. La Lupe has a squeaky voice, not much really, just feeling and signature. She drank from the fountain of Omara Portuondo. If you listen to the latter, you will notice the influence in the phrasing.

    LA LUPE with such little voice, reached the top with balladas, boleros, rumba, guaguanco, son, you name it. One of the first blacks from the Caribbean to cross over with success.

    Her death was tragic..but she did the most of it before converting to lame, useless religion.

  3. There's really no need to compare the two. They occupied to very different spheres of music and they both uniquely impacted music and culture. La Lupe's performance would go on to inspire legions of drag queens decades after her death.

    La Lupe sounded like she was from Oriente I really don't understand the "phrasing" comment.