Video: ZA! - "Nanavividedeñaña"

ZA! is the sort of band that inspires creativity in whoever tries to take a shot at describing their sound. A couple years ago, this experimental and noisy band from Barcelona had given us their pleasantly masochistic album Macumba o Muerte, a work interested in pointing towards as many genres, times, and places as possible, while translating this in the least structured fashion they could think of.

The first track we got to hear from their upcoming album Megaflow! (apparently out next week via Acuarela, Gandula and Discorporate Records) has the intriguingly absurd title “Nanavividedeñaña”. Like its video, the track is as chaotic and explosive as you would have expected from a band that likes to use so many exclamation points, but even if it follows under the same musical anarchy and lack of structure that built their previous record, it does feel a lot less improvisational. In fact, the song seems to find its main appeal in the more straightforward aspects of their music, such as the shifting guitar riffs and powerful drums or even the nonsensical repetition of the track’s title, having them sound a lot more like a band wanting to explore the possibilities of noise rock as a guitar-drums duo than as a project composed by 2 people and 7 instruments.