Video: Papa Topo - "La Chica Vampira"

Adria & Paulita, the wonder kids from Papa Topo, redeem themselves single after single, while they're at it, they try redefine their music approach. Their well renowned hit "La Chica Vampira" has been given the Single-Release treatment by Elefant Records. This is the second 7'' release from one of Spain's most infectious newcomers. The clip directed by Luis Prieto starts with a glossy B&W cemetery landscape, mourning the death of their 'hate-it-or-love-it' hit "Oso Panda." We've heard a couple of versions of "La Chica Vampira" by now; initially a sort of raw and noise-distorted punk jam, the final cut is polished and more in line with their past hits. While it doesn't offer the eclecticism of the original, it's great to see the young duo reinforcing their sound shell. Last time, they tortured a panda bear, but apparently that wasn't punk enough (the panda comes back for revenge); this time, the band wonderfully exploits images of teenage dilemma, pale faces, dark hair, taxidermia and vampires.