MP3: Grushenka - "Mi Estrategia Vital"

Since the end of the world is apparently near us, some bands are already preparing for the ultimate collapse. Spain’s 4-piece newcomers Grushenka could probably write a whole guide on how to survive; “Mi Estrategia Vital” is a spot-on trisection of noise-pop, melodic memory, and call-for-action. This song is so flashy and nostalgic; we could swear they submerged the track into boiling water. For every distortion, there’s a melodic response, and for every dizzy hook, there’s a teen-spirit saved from demolition. The 2012 world-end theory is merely personal, but I’m starting to see a pattern of extremists within the genre, between this, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart’s “Stay Alive”, Odio Paris’ “Cuando Nadie Pone Un Disco” & Hypnomango’s “El Mundo No Es Real”, the new breezy era of noise-pop is decisively pushing the boundaries of existentialism. “Entiende que aquel metal duele más que tu vocabulario.”