Hypnomango - Hypnomango EP

Hypnomango EP, Hypnomango

Nene Records, Mexico

Rating: 79

By Enrique Coyotzi

From Monterrey, Mexico rises René Rodríguez’ noise pop project Hypnomango. Rodríguez has recently become the guitarist and newest member of soon-to-takeover indie rock pioneers Bam Bam. Earlier in December of 2010, ClubFonograma's editor Carlos Reyes commented that Hypnomango EP killer-opening track “El Mundo No Es Real” “could translate into ‘No Hope Kids’, but this one is actually alive”, and I agree. Unlike Wavves’ Nathan Williams whose work, at its worst, can be perceived as a soulless experience (see 2009’s Wavvves), there’s plenty of life and mind-bursting energy in Hypnomango EP to assure Rodríguez as a passionate artist, one that might be seeking to achieve Thurston Moore/Lee Ranaldo status in the future.

Teamed up with Mou (Bam Bam, XYX) in the production, this release features five songs that showcase Hypnomango’s abilities as a guitarist, as well as his appreciation for dirty textures and distortion. So far we’re already familiar with “El Mundo No Es Real” and its anthemic power; strenuous dissonant guitar work, crashing drums, some “oooohs” in between verses and a solid vocal melody make this track an on-repeat favorite of the year. “No Te Sientas Mal” borrows influence of EVOL and Sister, two classic albums by Sonic Youth, although the production and overall feeling resembles the NYC legends Dirty era. The EP’s most chaotic, uncomfortable moment comes with “No Puedo Salir al Mar”; the song’s climax arrives towards the ending when Rodríguez groans desperately “no puedo volar, no puedo salir al mar si no estás” – the rawest moment on the record and it lasts just for a few seconds. The only real letdown here is “Neuronas”; the track feels incomplete, out of place and doesn’t go anywhere. “Flotando” is a total stoner piece; saturated feedback and shoegaze ambience converge on a trippy closing note.

If I’m not mistaken, these songs should translate amazingly live. I can almost picture the crowd and the scene: barely suffocating heat, sweaty shirts, the smell of weed and even an inoffensive mosh-pit initiated by newly enthusiasts. The bad news is that probably Hypnomango EP will be overlooked and unheard by a great number people by the end of the year, but hey, those of us who have embraced it and appreciated it know that Rodríguez is one of the new most talented individuals in the field, and that this impressive debut album is merely a warm up for the real deal.


  1. Hypnomango is nice. Was hoping to get more avant-fast tracks like "El Mundo No Es Real" and the other songs are actually very laidback... which is cool too, but the single is stellar en one of the year's best.

    Welcome Enrique Coyotzi!

    Carlos Reyes is not only raising a new generation of Latin IndieAlt listeners, he's also leaving offspring for some sharp, young, and talented music dissectors. Congrats.

  2. That "no puedo volar" bit is the best. Great review, Enrique!

  3. welcome, Enrique! nice to see another Sonic Youth fan in the fold

  4. Welcome to the Cluuuuub! Nice review Enrique. I really liked the first track, the rest of it not so much, but still a nice debut.

  5. Nena no te sientas maaaal

  6. Este EP se esta convirtiendo rapidamente en uno de mis favoritos del año. El opening track no te prepara para cuan bueno es el resto del álbum. These guys definitely know their Sonic Youth. Y el baterista me hace pensar que estoy escuchando a Steve Shelley. Muy bueno. La comparación con Dirty, especialmente para "No Te Sientas Mal", esta on point. El bajo de esa canción refleja mucho la asimilación por la que estaba pasando SY en ese momento con sus otros peers, especialmente Nirvana (por decir una banda). Ok ya he hablado mucho. El punto es que este EP es de lo mejor de este año. My inner 12-year old is very happy.