Video + MP3: Mentira Mentira - "Turnaway"

Tijuana-born hard-rocker ‘Gaby’ has been bursting ears for the last two years as Mentira Mentira, one of the most promising Mexican bands to emerge in a while. His skuzzy and heavy flow is unprecedented in the country’s soundscape, and he’s quickly earning a reputation as a rock-music showman. Mentira Mentira has now crossed path with renowned visual craftsman Jaime Martinez, who last year was signed by M.I.A. to put his .gif magic into her profile and the artists at NEET Recordings. He is of course, way more than that. The band’s profound noise and Martinez’s muscular styling encounter each other in the grainy video for “Turnaway”; the first promotional track by Mentira Mentira, who will be dropping two releases this year on Nene Records and Vale Verga Discos. Psychedelic coloring, distortion of motion, and some cool sweaters comprise a quite mind-blowing experience.
♫♫♫ "Turnaway"