Stream: Aeiou - "Vivimos in L.A."

Juan Son’s follow up to his sublime (yet divisive) 2008 album Mermaid Sashimi will be out very soon, and it’s brings a couple surprises. Space Hymn is the name of the new album, but as opposed to his sci-fi waterland solo debut, he is not making his journey alone. Initially, Blonde Redhead’s Simone Pace carried the co-producer credits of the album, but the chemistry appears to have been so strong, they’ll be presenting the album as a 2-piece band named ‘Aeiou.’ One of the greatest things about music leisure is to develop personal & wild illusions, but Juan Son is one of those few artists that can actually describe their songs with great charm. Aeiou’s first single “Vivimos in L.A.” is quite phenomenal, a bold and round celebration on its way to the zeitgeist.

According to Juan Son, the first part of the song is like escaping from a city by jumping on a gull’s back (like in The Rescuers), and the second half is a sort of response to JLO’s “Jenny From The Block.” As random as that description might sound, it’s actually pretty appropriate. The call-and-response inner chorus “Oh Yeah!, Oh Si!” is like a cheering crowd for the inner spirit, and the whole “Don’t Call me Mijo… call me Papito (from the Block)" take the song straight to the alleys of Los Angeles. Also collaborating on the song are Kelley Deal (from Breeders), Brian Thorm & Ed Macanthee.