Stream: Babasónicos - "Deshoras"

It's been long (way too long) since we got to hear anything new from Babasónicos, when they released Mucho, Club Fonograma wasn't even around yet. Their new album is finally on its way. We often whine about how Latin Rock History got it all wrong, but bands with this caliber say otherwise. Like their cult-pop similar Los Planetas or Cafe Tacvba, Babasónicos is one of the hardest working bands in any circuit, and one of the few that have never failed us. With not a single bad record under their arm, there's nothing but anticipation for their new record A Proposito, out in a few months. According to Me Hace Ruido, their new single "Deshoras" was available for streaming at their website, and as everyone anticipated, there are several streams of it across the web. Their last couple of singles were incredibly catchy and easy to the ear, "Deshoras" has less pop structure and more rock mellowness. After listening to it a few times, it's safe to say this alone won't bring them new fans since it's clearly not the strongest Babasónicos song out there, but it's still, a great Babasónicos song.