SXSW Entry #1: Dogs and Scotch!

Hello everybody! Well, not the most Fonogramatico-centric first day, but there was still plenty of bloggable content worth posting from today's day shows. For one, that photo. Yeah, I know it looks weird, but that dog had TONS of relevant things to say about the current stability of the Middle East and the long-term implications of American foreign policy in the region. Mind-blowing, dudes.

Anyway, there were two major highlights from the day show action. The first was a short set by the subtle earring-challenged Ohioan Jessica Lea Mayfield. Her debut record Tell Me has caused a stir from the more liberal sect of the9513, and her live show really exemplifies how her brand of Gothic country pop/rock has really gained a ton of buzz lately. It was energetic, punchy, and just irreverent enough not to feel forced, something which revealed itself as her lead guitarist revealed that his undershirt was a blown-up picture of Mayfield's face. "Our Hearts are Wrong" in particular, one of her record's best songs, is given a lift in person that throws the lament straight into your face. Great stuff.

Today's gold star, however, goes to the U.K. dubstep/electronic duo Mount Kimbie, whose debut record Crooks & Lovers made plenty of headway amongst some publications, Club Fonograma included. But these Londoners weren't content with their present accolades. Instead of just playing their greatest "hits" outright, with some rote filler between tracks, they presented a virtual anagram of their best work, throwing bits of pieces of songs like "Carbonated" and "Mayor" and twisting and reshaping them to the point of becoming unrecognizable. And the crowd, which seemed a bit confused at first ("HOW CAN YOU DANCE TO THIS? THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE GUITARS!"), really caught the bug by set's end. Cheers, lads.