Video: TV Vintage - "Hormiguitas"

Txema Novelo runs Vale Verga Discos (Mentira Mentira, Tron, Juan Cirerol), which we’re tented to call Mexico’s great new label. He is also, a visionary of all sorts and a craftsman of motion & motionless media. If you’re skeptical of our rave description, you can judge for yourself. This time around, he puts the most intricate images in the video “Hormiguitas” by up-and-coming Mexican rock duo TV Vintage. The label describes their sound as the authentic ‘garash mexa’ and claims “Iggy would be proud to see all his fury overlapped in the third world.” The song’s Circus-themed hooks are attractive, the high-low sequencing is threatening, and the melody is a crawler. Novelo makes great use of the screen; he is polygamous to the framing and great at juxtaposing & multiplying images in wonderful, unexpected ways.