Video: Pedropiedra - "Vacaciones en el más allá"

2011 is becoming a very interesting year for sophomore records. Many breakthrough bands are making a comeback after delivering knockout debuts, and it's exciting to see how their body of work will be collected into that always challenging (and full of expectations) second record. After delivering one of the best indie hits in years (and a stellar first album), Pedropiedra is ready to overcome the "Inteligencia Dormida" ghost with the release of his new album Cripta y Vida. "Vacaciones en el más allá" is the album's leading single and it's as freaky and mind-twisting as its video (helmed by Vicente Subercaseaux). This is a sort of Mediterranean pop song that literally takes Pedropiedra's 'cantautor' skills to the graveyard (and boy do they insert life into that place). Yet another song for the end of the world, or at least, of momentary escapism.