Video: Bam Bam - "Ragatrón"

The Phoenix Zoo would be very boring without its giant desert turtles or its fluorescent dark room (it's so fun I dress for the ocassion); needless to say I understand Bam Bam's great choice of fluorescent coating in their latest video. Less psychedelic and more on the pop side, the band constructed a sort of ultraviolet room to self-direct the images for "Ragatrón", one of the best rock songs of the year. Although this visual medium leaves very little room for subsequent creation, they did a stellar job embedding themselves to the walls and highlighting their instruments. Also, bonus points for the popping eyes and the planetary references. The band, who is set to perform at this year's Vive Latino is also presenting their new formation, as former members Meme & Luxor are no longer part of the band. Bam Bam's anticipated album Futura Vía drops on March 29th through Arts & Crafts MX.