Video: Prehistöricos - Sueños Muy Largos

Tomas Preuss & Jessica Romo recorded a wonderful set of hand-held camera clips for La Vitrola, Chile's own Blogotheque-inspired glossy project. The band was captured playing the acoustic incarnations of the standout tracks from their fragile (yet exceptional) debut La Orquesta Oculta. Our favorite clip from the session is the breathtaking framing of "Sueños Muy Largos", a track we described as a "hazy dreamscape", and how it is the one track on the album that rejects the album's fixation with realism. The clip is wonderfully shot and very risky (I must confess I fear heights, and so do 32% of the world's population). Step by step, they collect themselves and sing their hearts out; as their album title suggests, there might be only two of them, but they sure sound like a full orchestra.