SXSW Entry #5: Jhorts Weather - Sounds From Spain, Las Robertas

After the Sounds from Spain showcase, I've decided that sangria is the breakfast of champions. I mean, if you're going to be daytime drunk, might as well do it right. Polock kicked off the showcase with a quick set for those of who woke up early enough to catch them. They played with a great morning-appropriate energy that built up to the closer, "Fireworks," which, while it wasn't a Katy Perry cover, was exuberant nonetheless. Capsula followed and drew a surprisingly large crowd. Who knew people still liked pop punk like that? I wasn't as into it as everyone else, so I was glad when Mujeres took the stage. Despite technical issues, the Barcelona-based garage rockers impressed me, especially with their loving tribute to their hometown futboleros. After their set, I chatted up the jhorts-wearingbassist (yes, I talked to him solely because of his attire) and got a copy of their latest cassette. Review coming soon!

On my way to Shangri-la to catch Las Robertas, I
had my first monk encounter of the day. I guess people are right when they describe me as "Zen" because I was approached by three different monks in one day. But giving off peaceful vibes is good, right? Las Robertas' set was all chill vibes perfect for a sunny afternoon, and the crowd was really feeling them. I got to talk to the band afterward, so look out for the interview later.
Spoiler alert: they really love Costa Rica.

Then it was time for an afternoon snack, and when I saw the sign for The Vegan Yacht it was some clouds parting, divine light shining down-type destiny. There was vegan frito pie! I know y'all are jealous.

The real highlight of the day, though, was Carla Morrison at the Naco showcase. She started with "Lagrimas," and I was kind of mad because I did not want to cry during the first song. I summoned my strength and made it through the entire set without any tears. As Andrew mentioned, there were some hardcore fans at the show. I was scared for one girl in particular who looked like she was about to pass out when she got meet Carla. But I guess that's just the power of Ms. Morrison.